2015 represents a huge turning point in my life, with one huge life event following another.  On the 24th of March 2015 I held my very first exhibition titled Traces; generously hosted by the auction house Bonhams. The images, so familiar to any who have spent time in Helmand Province, gave viewers a glimpse behind the media curtain to life lived day-by-day with ever present danger always lurking.  My aim was to raise money for my Regiment’s charity, which it did, raising far more than I could have hoped for from my photos.  Added to this was the unexpected thrill of seeing people’s responses to them; the emotions written on faces around the room as they came to comprehend the realities of life in Afghanistan.

Alongside this, the other event. The month before, only a few days after his 60th birthday, my incredible father went to bed one night and never woke up.

These two events collided in my head to create an ultimate light-bulb moment.  Dad had always said that if he had one bit of advice then it was to, “Do more of what makes you happy.”  It clicked.

People often talk of life in chapters; in mine it is in three parts.  First, I was a zoologist.  Then I became a soldier, giving my twenties to serving as an Infantry Officer. Then, the light-bulb moment.  Throughout it all I carried a camera. From spending all my savings on a first generation digital camera to capture African wildlife, through to the robust, waterproof engineering marvel that sat on my body armour in Afghanistan. Wherever I looked I was looking for that picture, that image, that memory to be captured and treasured. And most important of all taking those pictures always made me happy.

I have always been a photographer; maybe not a great one to start with but as one photographer said to me, no photographer starts perfect.  It takes time, it takes practice, it takes dedication, but I am now doing a job that is hard to rationalise as a job because I enjoy doing it so much.

Having travelled the world my two favourite things to photograph are people and nature, even if they are sometimes at odds with each other.

Currently based in London, my particular interest is in portrait, travel and conservation photography. Be it in the African wilderness with conservation groups, the heat of Afghanistan with the British Army, the depths of the Royal Opera House with the Royal Ballet, or in an English country garden capturing that perfect family portrait, I adore working hard to get that photo.

From snarling cheetah to shell shocked soldier, platinum-selling musician to arctic explorer, my photography is all about a connection; an emotive response; that instantaneous capture of the story hidden just under the surface.

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March 2015
Bonhams, London. All proceeds to The Colonel’s Fund, Grenadier Guards
October 2015
Wellington Barracks, London. Proceeds to The Colonel’s Fund, Grenadier Guards & The Household Cavalry Foundation
November 2016
Great Traits
Wellington Barracks, London. All proceeds to Walking With The Wounded